Consultations are intensive, hour-long conversations, via video conference or phone, in which we discuss concrete strategies for drafting and revising your work and for improving your writing process. Our sessions focus on the big-picture issues that are key to making your writing compelling. 

My approach is informed by Writing Center pedagogy, which emphasizes the power of talk to clarify thinking and writing. I listen carefully and ask a lot of questions—questions that prompt you to explain your argument, reflect on your target audience and their expectations, and discover new ways to persuade your readers or structure the piece. I may suggest possible revisions or new approaches, but you make the final decisions as you draft and revise.

Because consultations are useful in the early stages of a project, we can consult even before you’ve written a draft. And rough drafts, no matter how incomplete or “messy,” are always welcome as the basis for a consultation. 

The Writing Gym 

Your “writing gym” can consist of one, two, three, or four consultations a month and offers an ideal framework for supportive accountability. Regular consultations help you cultivate a sustainable writing practice and foster in-depth conversations about your work-in-progress.

If you have a draft underway or in revision, we’ll focus on how best to structure it and how to make your argument as persuasive as possible. If perfectionism or avoidance are hampering your progress, we’ll focus on concrete strategies for setting realistic goals, pre-writing and free-writing to figure out your argument, or drafting roughly without getting tangled in the sentences too early in the process.

Over time, as I learn from you about your research questions and how you’re seeking to intervene in your field, I become a unique kind of outside reader—one who knows your work well and is always on your side.

Here are some examples of my work consulting with writers: