Work with Me

I work with writers in three primary ways: consultation, comments, and editing. These may be combined in a variety of configurations. 

No matter how we work together, I will engage with your ideas with curiosity, rigor, and kindness. I won’t hesitate to let you know about any substantive concerns I have about your argument or evidence, but I always aim to do so in a way that empowers and enables you. Think of it as very low-stakes peer review from a generous generalist.   

Please contact me for a fee schedule that outlines my rate ranges. Flat rates for consultation include reading up to a full article or chapter draft in advance, while commenting and editing rates are based on the project’s length and scope. 

A half-hour conversation (for free and with no obligation) is often the best way to figure out how to work together. After we have discussed your concerns and I have seen a sample, I will send you a written quote with a rate for your particular project.