I help writers make their arguments compelling and their prose sharp and accessible.

I offer two services, developmental editing or sentence-level editing, depending on your needs and the stage of your project or manuscript.

If you are in the process of drafting and revising your manuscript, consider writing consultation or The Writing Gym. Writing consultations are conversations in which we work together to figure out how to make your essay, article, book, or other project as persuasive as possible. (And I’m convinced that your final product will be stronger if you consult with someone about the big picture while you’re writing and revising — even if you go on to hire an editor once you’ve drafted the manuscript.)

Developmental editing improves your writing’s structure, argumentation, organization, coherence, and persuasiveness.

I will edit your piece intensively to ensure that it brings your message home to readers. Depending on what your manuscript needs, developmental editing can involve changes to overall structure, the order of paragraphs, or the organization of sentences or information within paragraphs. It can also involve changes to clarify your argument, adjust your tone, or make your piece more accessible.

Developmental editing includes the sentence-level editing described below.

Sentence-level editing improves your writing’s style, clarity, concision, consistency of voice, and correctness.

This service is often called copyediting, but I like to call it “sentence-level editing” because it focuses on sentence construction rather than paragraph organization or larger structure. Sentence by sentence, I rearrange syntax and rework phrasing to make your writing shine.

If you have no concerns about the substance or argument of your piece, but would like a your sentences thoroughly edited for style and clarity, this is the way to go. I edit your manuscript using “track changes” in Microsoft Word so that you can approve each change individually if you would like. I adjust my approach, editing lightly to heavily, based on your needs and preferences.  

If you are interested in editing services, please contact me, let me know a little about your project, and request a fee schedule. Once we have discussed your manuscript, your aims with it, your concerns about it, and the type of editing to be done, and once I have looked at a sample, I will determine a rate for your particular project based on its length and the scope of my work.