The Writing Gym

The Writing Gym helps members reach their goals through regular consultations that improve both their writing habits and their final products. 

The Writing Gym is a flexible, subscription-based service that allows you to commit to your writing project and your writing process. Your Writing Gym membership may include from 1 to 4 one-hour writing consultations per month, and may also include other services, such as having me read drafts in advance of our consultations or send you follow-up emails outlining the key upshots of each session.

Consultations are tailored to your needs. If you have a draft underway or in revision, we’ll focus primarily on the big-picture issues that are key to making any piece of writing persuasive for its target audience: argumentation, structure, awareness of your own purpose and your readers’ expectations, evidence, coherence, and clarity. If you are struggling with the writing process, we’ll focus on concrete strategies for getting started, brainstorming, drafting, setting goals, and meeting deadlines.

The Writing Gym is modeled on what we called “ongoing appointments” when I worked as a Writing Center consultant. Regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly consultations with the same person foster in-depth conversations about your ongoing projects and offer a framework for supportive accountability (otherwise known as “tough love”).

But regular consultations in the Writing Gym also train your consultant (me!) in your research questions, findings, and even ways of thinking. Having consulted with writers in disciplines from demography to women’s studies, I bring wide-ranging knowledge of the conventions of academic writing to our meetings — and over time, I get to know your particular audience, your key arguments, and your aims really well, which makes our consultations continually more useful for you.

As an independent writing consultant, I’ve worked with faculty members writing scholarly books and with nonprofit researchers writing reports. And I have four years of experience consulting, on an ongoing basis, with graduate students completing master’s theses and PhD dissertations in disciplines including environmental studies, English, quantitative and qualitative sociology, education, and engineering in the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If you are interested in joining the Writing Gym, please contact me and tell me about your project, goals, and needs. I’ll send you a fee schedule and we’ll set up a free half-hour conversation to figure out if the Writing Gym is right for you and agree on a regular meeting time and monthly rate. Rates depend on the frequency of consultations and the scope of other optional services.