Susanna Hecht, “Trees Have Already Been Invented”

deforestationLead writer: Susanna Hecht, Professor of Urban Planning at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA, and author of The Fate of the Forest and The Scramble for the Amazon and the “Lost Paradise” of Euclides da Cunha

Chapter: Hecht, S.B., Pezzoli, K. & Saatchi, S. (2016). Chapter 10. Trees Have Already Been Invented: Carbon in Woodlands. Collabra. 2(1), p.24. DOI:

This chapter is part of University of California Press’s special digital collection, Bending the Curve: Ten solutions for carbon neutrality and climate stability.

How we worked together: I edited the draft chapter developmentally and on the sentence level.

“I am now using a really good editor who is in the environmental humanities . . . She is the best editor I’ve had, and I know quality. My books have been reviewed in publications from Science and Nature to the TLS and everything in between, both popular and academic, and people are always very nice about the writing, which I did prior to Michelle — but now, when I’m writing for a popular audience or need an editorial clean-up, she’s my ‘better call Saul’ (the Hail Mary lawyer from Breaking Bad).”

— Susanna Hecht