About me

pic of me by Royce

I work with writers in three primary ways:

(1) consulting one-on-one on a regular, ongoing basis about work in progress and the writing process;

(2) providing detailed written comments on drafts; and

(3) editing, both developmentally and on the sentence level.

Since I became an independent writing consultant and editor in 2016, I’ve worked with more than 30 tenure-track and tenured professors in disciplines including anthropology, architectural history, design history, comparative literature, English literature, the environmental humanities, geography, international law, and sociology, as well as with graduate students and writers of literary nonfiction. I’ve worked with writers as they drafted and revised book manuscripts that were published by or are forthcoming from Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Duke University Press, University of Nevada Press, University of Virginia Press, and Yale University Press.


While teaching in the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, I learned that conversation is one of the best ways to clarify thought, inspire substantive revision, and empower writers to improve their work. In the Writing Center, I worked one-on-one with undergrads, graduate students, and PhD candidates drafting their dissertations in fields such as demography, environmental studies, and history.

After earning my PhD in English from University of Wisconsin in 2014, I spent two years as a postdoc at UCLA. There I coordinated a Mellon Sawyer Seminar in which participants workshopped scholarly essays that were later published in The Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities (2017), an interdisciplinary anthology that I co-edited with Ursula K. Heise and Jon Christensen.

During the process of discussing first drafts, commenting on revised drafts, and editing the anthology, I came to realize that the strategies I had developed to support students in the Writing Center not only transferred to such collaboration with faculty, but also met a need. I saw that I could empower excellent writers and scholars whose work I admire. I became an independent writing consultant in order to help such writers  produce their best work and cultivate sustainable and rewarding writing habits while doing so.


My own scholarly articles have appeared in Modernism/modernity, the Journal of Modern Literature, and Victorian Poetry, as well as in edited collections. My current book project, Organic Forming: Poetry, Ecology, Food, examines how twentieth-century poets and sustainable farming advocates have used the metaphor of the poem or the farm as an organism to remake poetic and social forms.

I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and now live in Indianapolis, where I occasionally teach classes at the Indiana Writers Center. Every week I volunteer with Indy Reads as an adult literacy tutor.